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inna15=Laurazvez :P

Movies:BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ,Castle,Gossip girl,Glee,Warehouse 13,Human Target,Hot in cleveland,30 rock,Fringe,Californication,Stargate SG-1,Sanctuary,Damages, House M.d.,The closer,Two And A Half Men,Big Bang Theory,How I Met Your Mother,Man on a certain age,Csi:ny,Grey's Anatomy,Private Practice,Supernatural,The vampire diaries,Dollhouse,Caprica,Sanctuary,True Blood,Family Guy,The Simpsons,The cleveland show,Chuck and more...

Music:Sarah Brightman,Daughtry, LP ,The Rasmus,Evanescenc,SUM 41,Paramore, Sunrise avenue,Lifehouse,Green day, Three days Grace ,The Fray,30 seconds to Mars,P!nk ,Kelly Clarkson,Plumb,Muse,Within Temptation ,Nightwish ,Sabatton,Poets to the fall,Trading Yesterday, Breaking Benjamin, APC, red, brokin iris,blink 182,we the kings, jem,secondhand serenade, Framing Hanley, Skillet,nickelback ,BSG-soundtrack,Tool, Old shool ;d and many more

MY FAV TV couples are:
-Kara & Lee {BSG}
-Laura & Bill {BSG}
-Caprica & Gaius {BSG}
-House & Cuddy {House MD.}
-Sookie & Bill {True Blood}
-Sookie & Eric {True Blood}
-Emma & Will {Glee}
-Cristina & Owen {GA}
-Helen & John {Sanctuary}
-Elena & Stefan {The Vampire Diaries}

My fav Actors: Mary Mcdonnell, the casts of How i met r mother & BSG;Lisa Edelstein, Helen Mirren, Candice Bergen, Marcia Cross, Dana Delany, Nicole Kidman, Tina Fey, Meryl Streep,Helena Bonham Carter, Hugh Laurie,Johnny Deep,Maggie Smith, Melina Kanakaredes, Kyra Sedwick, Anna Paquin,Stephen Moyer,Alexander Skarsgård,Kristin Bauer,Tina Fey,David Duchovny,Madeline Zima,Ewan McGregor,Bradley Cooper,Ryan Reynolds,Jake Gyllenhaal,Jason Statham....